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We Believe In YourPotential

Gentle Care Support Services is one of the numerous NDIS specialists that have expertise in disability services within the western metropolitan of Victoria with branches also in Brisbane and Gold Coast. We offer quality types of assistance and enhancing programs customized for people with disabilities. Our staff at Gentle Care Support are totally cultivated and qualified carers who are eager to take the necessary steps to give every single participant the help they truly need.

To have support workers who are similarly as energetic in serving the necessities of our community members is truly important to us. Most of our programs are intensely centered around self-advancement and development, we likewise offer types of assistance that meet the physical needs of participants.


We comprehend that a thorough plan is indispensable to meet the objectives and necessities of our participants and their families. For more information on the programs we have to offer, feel free to contact us. Participation, Compassion, and Conservation are the structures to Gentle Care Support Services, and are values we unequivocally hold onto, from our participants and their families, to our support workers, and to the community members.


Why Join Gentle Care?

As much as we love seeing our participants develop into confident human beings, we understand that everybody’s needs will be different from one another. Here at Gentle Care Support Services, we set aside incredible consideration and effort to become acquainted with every single participant. By becoming more acquainted with the participant personally, we can actualize an arrangement and programs that are appropriate as well as beneficial to the necessities of the participants.

When we have an arrangement set up, we coordinate participants with one of our numerous expert carers. This is dependent on the level of ability, individual interests, and experience of the participant. We accept a carer-client relationship ought to be founded on basic interests and pleasantries.

We likewise consider the flexibility of the participant and carer’s timetable and responsibilities to make a consistent routine for both to follow. At Gentle Care Support Service, we can guarantee you that our aid and services are modern to the necessities of people with disabilities and other community members.

  • Our Mission
  • Our Values

Gentle Care Support Services’ central goal depends on the basic need to serve the requirements of our community. The premise of serving the community originates from the conviction that everybody is equal and deserves our sympathy and regard. It is tied in with giving back. To get out and help individuals is genuinely an extraordinary experience for yourself as well as to the individuals.

It can likewise make them feel accepted, as well as being truly benevolent individuals. For some individuals with disabilities, being misunderstood is a typical theme they live with, prompting dejection and disconnection, or even to wretchedness and contemplations of self-destruction.

Subsequently, we make it our central goal to offer help to them, as we accept that by giving chances and backing, it can give people with incapacities certainty, improvement in day to day living, and sentiments of inclusivity. It all begins by giving in the time and comprehension to interface with individuals with incapacities on an individual level. At Gentle Care Support Services’ central, we need everybody to feel valued within their own community. We need everybody to feel like they are part of a collective community.

We need everybody to accept that individuals can be caring to other people. However, most of all, we need everybody to realize that we care about their rights as a person in the general public. By joining Gentle Care Support Services, we plan to help people and their families with the assistance they need; be with individuals who are similarly as enthusiastic as us in giving; and accomplish our point of serving the community.


COOPERATION: We aim to serve the needs of our community with dedication and reliability

As the old saying goes: ‘There is no ‘I’ in team’, and we highly agree on that! At Gentle Care, we strongly believe that we share a common goal of creating a better future for the future generations. In order to do that, we must uplift everyone to be the best they can be no matter who they are.

COMPASSION: We aim to stand for the rights of our community. Every individual deserves to be treated with respect, dignity and humanity.

Everyone at Gentle Care practices the value of compassion as we believe that everyone deserves the human right to be treated with kindness and respect.

CONSERVATION: We aim to sustain the future of our community by ensuring a safe and secure environment for our clients and their family, our carers, and the greater community.

Safety and security are important for living a sustainable lifestyle as it can greatly affect our physical and mental health if that area is neglected. In order to achieve this, we try our very best to look after clients, carers and the community.


Gentle Care Support Services is one of the many NDIS service providers that specialise in disability services within the western metropolitan area of Victoria. We provide quality services and inspiring programs specifically tailored for individuals with disabilities.

Our staff at Gentle Care Support Services are all qualified support workers who are willing to do whatever it takes to give each and every client the assistance they need. To have carers who are just as passionate in serving the needs of our community is really important to us. The majority of our services are heavily focused on self-development and empowerment; however, we also provide services that meet the physical needs of clients.

We understand that an all-round support plan is vital to meet the goals and needs of our clients and their Families. For more information on the services we provide, please click here. Cooperation, Compassion, and Conservation are the building blocks to Gentle Care Support Services, and are values we strongly stand by, from our clients and their family, to our carers and support workers, and to the greater community.