Interpreting And Translation (0121)

We provide professional interpreters and translators for people who are hard of hearing or with little to no English proficiency.

Exercise And Physical Wellbeing Activities (0126)

We arrange physical training plans based on clients’ physical needs. This normally takes the form of

Assistance In Coordinating Or Managing Life Stages, Transitions And Supports (0106)

At Gentle Care, we provide support and strengthen clients as they go through major stages, such as undertaking educational courses

Development Of Daily Living And Life Skills (0117)

Development Of Daily Living And Life Skills focuses on training the client to develop skills that can increase their ability to live independently

High Intensity Daily Personal Activities (0104)

Specifically for clients in high support positions. This mostly involves a carer staying at the client’s

Assistance With Travel/Travel Arrangements (0108)

This is especially so for clients whose disability makes it difficult to access transport. We can provide

Innovative Community Participation (0116)

Clients can choose to participate in community programs that promote inclusivity to increase community participation and employability.

Behaviour Support (0110)

Behaviour Support is about creating strategies that are specifically made to the client’s needs. The aim for this support is to reduce the occurrence and impact of harmful behaviours

Group And Centre Based Activities (0136)

Creating enriching friendships and connections come from interacting in recreational activities.

Support Coordination (0132)

This program is designed for clients to get the most of their NDIS services. This usually involves a support coordinator to assist clients

Household Task (0120)

For clients who may not be able to do household chores alone or who may need extra supervision,

Daily Personal Activities (0107)

Involves assistance within, but not limited to, the client’s home.

Assistance With Daily Life Tasks In A Group Or Shared Living Arrangement (0115)

Assistance With Daily Tasks/Shared Living focuses on developing and enhancing domestic skills that allow clients to live autonomously.

Participation In Community, Social And Civic Activities (0125)

At Gentle Care, we can arrange social, community, and recreational activities that clients can participate and engage in.

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Gentle Care Support Services

With the help of NDIS, Gentle Care Support Services, we offer a wide variety of services and programs. Its aim is to provide support and assistance for individuals with disabilities tailored to their needs, including:

  • Access to services: medical services, support groups and clubs
  • Gain skills and independence
  • Build goals that are focused on self-development

If you need more information on any of the services we provide, or would like to know more about NDIS, feel free to contact us.

Note: We take our services with serious precaution, therefore any personal information given to us will be confidential unless with permission from the client or the client’s immediate contact; or we believe a client is in danger of themselves or their surroundings.

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